Iris Research is a humanitarian association that was established in 2010 on the initiative of three health professionals, three pharmacists with different forms: didactics and research, coordination and legislation and patient communication.
The purpose of the association, founded in Arad, is to carry out research in the field of herbal medicines, of the therapeutic recipes in old-age pharmacology, but also to carry out multiple actions to educate citizens on health care, to maintain it in a lifestyle that respects healthy principles for mind, body and soul.
     Nowadays, the human society is moving towards a technological shift which will change the life as we know it. The transformations occurs in such accelerated speed, so that it is challenging to adapt to the new way of living while holding on to one’s cultural roots. In the same time, the globalization shatters the national borders and gathers people from different countries, from different cultures together. In order to achieve a functional multi-cultural society, there must be a real connection, a real cooperation between the communities that set the foundation of this society. The main objective of this project is creating a real connection between the communities from the eligible area by raising awareness of the common and specific traditions of each population. Our goal will be achieved through a series of impact activities developed and evaluated by the three institutions that joined forces for the same purpose during the preparation of this project. The Lead Applicant is Iris Research Association, a romanian NGO from Arad working on preservation of cultural heritage as well as medical research for increasing the quality of life. The other romanian partner is The West University of Timisoara, which is a famous educational center of Romania, with large experience in access and implementation of european funds. The hungarian partner is the „Nicolae Balcescu” Romanian Primary School and College from Gyula, a college with history and appreciation around the county. The main expected change obtained as a result of the project is a sustainable development of cross-border cooperation among citizens from this area. The partnership will implement the action plan during which at least 800 people from the communities will participate in cross-border cooperation.

ROHU-285 project – “Healthy traditions – science for the next generation “- is a project financed by the Interreg VA Romania-Hungary Program and benefits from a total budget of 67671.09 euros, with the following sources: 57522.41 eur- European Regional Development Funds (ERDF), 8132.51 -cofinancing from the National Budgets of Romania and Hungary and 2018.17 Eur own co-financing of the Beneficiaries.